How Did Cain Look for a Wife? is the name of a book by Lloyd Evans. The key character is known as a man who all goes into the woods with his two daughters to identify a well. They come upon the well and begin to look around. If the husband comes residence, he understands that the area has been diseased and kills himself in the well.

He goes on the road with his daughter, and at the same time, they are simply talking to one more who has a connection to the mystical well. There is a name meant for the place and it is called Eden's Well. Following this, they go to be able to the very well. And we begin to receive an idea of what life was like before this kind of. There was a girl, Sarah, who all went in the well. She gets to get out of the right way to stop a heart coming from stopping.

After this, Cain came to be. Cain eliminates his 1st man and goes into the very well to get revenge. But he came out of the well inactive as well. This individual has no idea why he was dead. He blames the deceased mans wife and goes on to have vengeance against her. We see a male's death being avenged simply by one that can be dead.

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